Toilets and Turkey

Kevin came home from a long business trip in time for Thanksgiving and to a perpetually running toilet. He was tired, jet lagged and my suggestion was to call a plumber. His was to do it himself. Our powder room toilet has long been a problem. People who don't live in our home thought it was great...different...perhaps in keeping with the old house...but when it comes to toilets, I don't want to go vintage! It was in the old style, with the tank high on the wall and a pull chain. Sometimes it didn't flush at all and most of the time it was consistently flushing....water down the drain.
After removing the offending toilet and placing it on the front porch - I'm sure just what our neighbours wanted us to decorate with for fall - we needed to install a shut off. After two attempts by Kevin to install the shut off without leaks- we went to bed - without water. How was I going to bake apple pies the next day or more importantly how were we going to go to the bathroom with no water in the whole house? It was I in the end who soldered the shut off - I must say I'm proud of it. I told Charlotte that girls can do anything!
Here are the kids making "tarts" at Thanksgiving from the leftover pie crust and jam.  They worked that dough for about half an hour but they thought their tarts were delicious!


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