big win

I was having kind of a crappy of those ones where your expectations are high and then this happens:

your four year old decides to practice his letters in permanent marker on your mud room walls.  Permanent marker...what mother actually has permanent marker in the house you say...well, not this one.  But the father of the 4 year old brought home a dry erase marker from the office and it somehow made its way into the hands of the 4 year old - dry erase does not erase off of walls, or doors for that matter.

My day got brighter when I checked out Restyled Home and found out I won the Cath Kidston give-away!  But it was the lovely words of Linda and so many bloggers that really made my day, my weekend, my life at that moment.  Thank you to everyone who commented.  I am so humbled.

I was hoping to have my urns and window boxes all updated for the coming season this weekend.  I managed to get one box done...

while the others still look like this....

I collect greens and twigs and rosehips in the wooded areas around our home - I can't bring myself to pay for them - to make my holiday urns and boxes.  Many of the things I use, like the birch branches and the pine cones, get stored and I use them year after year.  I added apples this year...but they were gone the next day.  That might be one thing I might try and find that is "faux".

Thank you to everyone who has checked out my new is a work in progress.  I love the comments...please don't stop.  I have so many new blogs and bloggers to check out this week!  Thanks to Restyled Home...for so many reasons...and for the fact that I may just get to this


  1. Great little window boxes. Love that you used nature surroundings and did not go to a store to purchase the products. Welcome to blogging fellow Canadian!
    I'm in Fredericton, New Brunswick :)

  2. I found you thru Restyled home and immediately added you to my blogroll :o)
    Love the natural elements you're using for the boxes and urns. I'm hoping to do the same this year...I'm kinda over the glitzy plastic balls and fake candy canes of my earlier years....

  3. Congratulations on your win! I just love your blog! Your window boxes and urns look amazing. I'm going to have to get some greenery when I go back home for Thanksgiving:) (Not sure where I could find it free in Atlanta, haha)

  4. I also dropped in from Restyled Home, your home looks beautiful, can't wait to see more of it (hopefully?) Here in Australia it is almost summer as we head into the Christmas season.

  5. You did a wonderful job with your window boxes and urns!! Can't wait to see more of your lovely home, keep posting!! :)

  6. Pretty window boxes! I like it. And don't feel bad, my four year old has added her artistic touch to lots of places in our home too!

  7. Congrats on your win - love Cath Kitson!

    Great idea to "Christmatise" your window boxes.

    Hi from N Ireland.

  8. Your idea is so simple and yet I never thought of doing it. I have a window box that stumps me every winter as to what to do with it. I could just kiss you! I'm going to copy your great idea.
    You brought back sweet memories with the photo of the four-year-old art work. I repainted one wall 5 times before our budding artist managed to control himself -- that was years ago.


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