My green shirt

When I was preparing to have my son, I went out and bought a pair of XXL yoga pants and this green shirt to wear from the hospital.  I don't know why I picked out this shirt, it isn't a very pleasing shade of green but I have green eyes and I was probably hoping people would admire them instead of my large behind.  It is a very comfortable shirt.  Fast forward 13 months later and I reluctantly went back to work.  This was of course devastating for me but a necessity and I was proud to leave my kids in the care of their loving grandmothers.  One morning as I raced around making Charlotte her lunch and trying to make up my face, Court came into my room and said he knew just what I should wear that day.  He went over to my dresser and fumbled in the drawer and pulled out this green shirt.  He knew that if I was wearing this green shirt, with the stretched out neck and the bleach stains, I would not be going to work.  He wanted me to be home.  He wanted it to be a "mommy day".  I just crouched down and wrapped my arms around him and told him how much I wished I could wear the green shirt. 
Today, after missing him (and Charlotte) all day, I put on the green shirt.  I came downstairs and he looked at me and smiled...."the green shirt" was all he said. 


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