My green shirt

When I was preparing to have my son, I went out and bought a pair of XXL yoga pants and this green shirt to wear from the hospital.  I don't know why I picked out this shirt, it isn't a very pleasing shade of green but I have green eyes and I was probably hoping people would admire them instead of my large behind.  It is a very comfortable shirt.  Fast forward 13 months later and I reluctantly went back to work.  This was of course devastating for me but a necessity and I was proud to leave my kids in the care of their loving grandmothers.  One morning as I raced around making Charlotte her lunch and trying to make up my face, Court came into my room and said he knew just what I should wear that day.  He went over to my dresser and fumbled in the drawer and pulled out this green shirt.  He knew that if I was wearing this green shirt, with the stretched out neck and the bleach stains, I would not be going to work.  He wanted me to be home.  He wanted it to be a "mommy day".  I just crouched down and wrapped my arms around him and told him how much I wished I could wear the green shirt. 
Today, after missing him (and Charlotte) all day, I put on the green shirt.  I came downstairs and he looked at me and smiled...."the green shirt" was all he said. 


  1. I really enjoyed this post about your green shirt. Mine is not green but a comfy grey sweet shirt. I love to put it on after a long day at work. It means I am home to stay for the evening.

  2. Oh, that just breaks my heart. I'm sure it was so hard to go back to work. But at least you had family around to help. I always stayed with my grandmother while my mom worked...and while she wasn't mama, she was the next best thing. She's an angel to me.

  3. What a beautiful post! Your kidlets sound adorable! I have a few items of clothing like that myself ... they are so much more to me than fabric and thread.

    Love your blog!


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