Some good news and some bad news

I work outside the home - 4 days a week.  Mondays are my day away from the office and I treasure them.  It is a day I can be a homemaker, and they are special.  I can't help but have GREAT expectations of my Mondays...walking to school, cookie baking, library visiting, tire swinging...

It was on a Monday that Courtland decided to stick a rock up his nose.

I had gone to the local vegetable stand and picked up some sweet potatoes - yum - I was going to make a healthy, delicious dinner for my family...
the flu virus was rampant and Charlotte's class was down by half....
so far my family had managed to stay healthy....
I was a proud mom....

then Courtland stuck a rock up his nose.

it happened in the school yard when we went to pick Charlotte up...he just wanted to "see if he could put it in and get it out"...well he couldn't get it out, and neither could I

we raced home (of course we were walking - that's what I do on Mondays) and I thought we would never get home

I tried the tweezers but it just kept getting further away...and then his nose started to bleed

there was no choice but to abandon the dinner, get the kids in the car and head to the last place I wanted to be in the midst of an influenza outbreak....the Emergency Room

I tried to tell Court not to touch ANYTHING...and he was pretty good...for awhile...but after about 3 hours his head was down in the seat, and his legs were up in the air....and I didn't get care

I refused to get upset...there were families all around us...with babies who were really, really sick.

I felt ridiculous.

Finally at about 8 pm we saw a nice Dr. who with some difficulty and some large forceps managed to procure the stone from Court's nose.

My nerves were shot.  I had to pay $20 for parking and I was trying to maneuvre my way out of the basement parking garage.  I looked back and Court looked, no, no, please don't sleep now, I'm thinking - please wait until we get home.  Court says to me..."Mom - I've got some good news and I've got some bad news"..."The bad news is that I'm tired but the good news is that guy got the stone out of my nose."


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