"Oh an eyelash!" I said recently to Charlotte after her bath.  I don't know where I got this but a loose eyelash means you can blow it away and make a wish.

"My friends say that is dumb" said Charlotte looking at me with those big, beautiful, gentle, 8 year old eyes.  I struggle with what to say at these times...she is getting older, maturing, do I try and hold on desperately to these silly little games that she used to get such a kick out of?

I can't remember what I did end up saying...."who cares - make a wish" or was it "why do you care what they think"...I don't know.  But she looked relieved and made a wish.  She won't tell me anymore what she wishes for...she thinks it won't come true. 

But I'll always remember her first "eye lash" wish...

"What did you wish for Char" I ask my cherub of a 3 year old....

"I wish that there is grass everywhere so that if anyone falls they won't get hurt."

Love, love, love...

She is my sweet, my dear, my Charlotte.


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