"Oh an eyelash!" I said recently to Charlotte after her bath.  I don't know where I got this but a loose eyelash means you can blow it away and make a wish.

"My friends say that is dumb" said Charlotte looking at me with those big, beautiful, gentle, 8 year old eyes.  I struggle with what to say at these times...she is getting older, maturing, do I try and hold on desperately to these silly little games that she used to get such a kick out of?

I can't remember what I did end up saying...."who cares - make a wish" or was it "why do you care what they think"...I don't know.  But she looked relieved and made a wish.  She won't tell me anymore what she wishes for...she thinks it won't come true. 

But I'll always remember her first "eye lash" wish...

"What did you wish for Char" I ask my cherub of a 3 year old....

"I wish that there is grass everywhere so that if anyone falls they won't get hurt."

Love, love, love...

She is my sweet, my dear, my Charlotte.


  1. hello! welcome to the blogging world! come visit sometime!

  2. What a beautiful girl!!

    Congratulations on your win at Restyled Home!! And Linda is right, your banner is beautiful.....hint, hint, you really need to show us some of the things you have done! Really love the chalkboard on the wall and the little corner with the typewriter..I love old typewriters :)

  3. I always make a wish on a stray eyelash ;)
    Especially if they belong to one of my daughters.
    It's those little memories when they are young that you never forget.

  4. OMIGOSH,Finally found how to contact you. I saw your comment on Linda's the other day and went to your blog. You are like the best kept secret!!! I am so happy you won. See, that is a great sign you are meant to keep at it. I however, after needing a sedative from photos not loading, pages not formatting,etc. am turning in my blogger hat to a permanent FOLLOWER of blogs hat. Keep up the great work!! Sue in Michigan

  5. HI , I see you have just started blogging , how nice to share your life .
    I am in awe of your banner too , gorgeous.
    Welcome to blogging

  6. Welcome to my blogging friends list. I don't have a blog but my gosh I sure love you all. Your banner is wonderful hope we can see more of your decorating. Working and raising a family probably doesn't leave you much time to blog.
    Fellow West Coast follower.

  7. Hello! Welcome to blog land. I do love your banner and hope to get a peek at more of your home. I also love old typwriters. I'm so jealous you won a giveaway and so soon. I have never won.
    Cutie pie kids you have. This is such a great way to journal their life.
    Suebee in Florida.

  8. Hey there, welcome to the world of blogging...although I already see that you are a natural with words. I love how you describe your memories and life moments! Keep up the good work, can't wait to see more from you:)

    I hope we can link up, I've already added you to my blog roll



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