I am feeling full.  It could be the brownies that my mom brought today that I can't stop snacking on.

The house is full of gifts and I am grateful.  I hope my children are grateful.

Courtland has been waking at night lately. We begged him to stay asleep on Christmas eve. Kevin and I woke to the children's chatter...Court had gone into Charlotte's room to not wake us and instead woke her up. We were downstairs by 6:30 am.

Many lovely things were opened and enjoyed.  Blissful time spent with family and friends.

Lots of fun.  Lots of food. 

I'm full.


  1. Happy New Year....hope it's filled with even more fullness :)

  2. The wonder of Christmas in their eyes.

    All the best . Keep posting.

    F. L. Wright


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