Christmas Eve Eve

Today was a holiday from work and I was torn.  Should I spend the day with the kids, being Christmassy or should I get some last minute shopping and running around done?  In the end, it was a bit of both.

I met my mom at the hill for a little tobogganing and some hide and go seek.  Once their cheeks were really rosy, I left them with Nana and went off by myself for almost two hours.  Lovely.  It was back home for dinner and then that I realized I didn't have any milk...or flour...or enough eggs...etc. etc.  Kevin was going into the city for dinner and that meant I would have to go to the grocery store with the kids in tow.  I was lucky this time as Courtland brought only two things - Buzz Lightyear and his lasso from Halloween.  Poor Buzz.

With Kevin gone for the evening we were going to try and get Daddy's presents made and/or wrapped.  We had attempted this at least two times before didn't go so well.  I'm happy to say this project is now complete.  Court wrapped his presents in Kleenex and they are hidden all around the house?  Charlotte wrapped hers in pretty Christmas paper and they are hidden in her room. 

It is now 10:50 pm and I still have to make cookie gifts for my colleagues to take to work tomorrow.  Yes, bleh, I have to work tomorrow...but only for half the day.  Can't wait until 1 pm tomorrow...


  1. that second picture totally looks like the kid from christmas story "i can't put my arms down!" he wears a red snow suit and a long stripey hat. :)

    happy new year!!


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