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I am weary today.  I go and go and go and go and then it hits me.  Both of the kids were up last night.  Well, actually just Court was and then he woke Charlotte and Charlotte woke me and of course by then we were all up and playing musical beds.

And I still got up and ran this morning before going to work.

Running is something I do for me...just me...well and maybe a bit for Kevin....

Court doesn't like it when I go and sometimes he cries but not so much any more.  I try and sneak out really early before he wakes up.  Sometimes I can get away with saying I'm taking the garbage out...and then the garbage takes me 40 minutes and makes we sweaty and stinky.  I used to find him sometimes, in his pjs, outside looking for me...thankfully that only happened a couple of times.

Last Thursday Santa came to town...he arrived on a firetruck...and our village tree was lit.  Always a magical night. 

We were crafting this weekend and decorating the house for Christmas.  Charlotte found a pom pom critter kit that was in her stocking last year and we cracked it open.  I wasn't sure how it was going to go...you know...would it be too frustrating, would she insist on trying to make it look exactly like the picture and then be tremendously disappointed...but it was fun and it worked.  I can remember my mom making pom poms with me...I remember being really bored and bugging her about what to do...and we made pom poms.  Sweet memories.

I got to go to the One Of A Kind Show with my mom just last week.  What fun to spend the day with her and just her!  I used to love that as a child.  My mom to myself.  We were inspired by so many lovely things. 

Here are a few:





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