Saturday Morning

me: "Charlotte, where is your pajama top?"

charlotte: "It had syrup all over it."

charlotte to court as he maneuvres under her arm: "What are you doing?"

court: "It's just 'cause I love you."


Sunday afternoon was our annual trip to the orchard to pick up our tree and go on a sleigh ride...this year it was a wagon ride as it did nothing but rain.  We were the only ones on the wagon.  Even in the rain, with the horses and the jingle bells, it was enjoyable...because it only lasted about 3 minutes.

Our tree went up...and then came down with a crash.  There were three casualties...a glass cow, one glass pink ballet slipper (a second one was spared) and a glass snow man.  Not too bad considering...

I found another broken ornament...a glass Spiderman...hiding behind the desk in the hallway.  It couldn't have got there on its own.  A four year old Venom took him out.

We eventually did get the tree stable and it has filled the house with the smell of Christmas...


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