Sweet Pics

It was over two years ago that I picked this card up in a local shop.  I must admit I go into this hip store to look around most of the time...hoping some of the coolness might just rub off on me.  I can't always purchase but I can appreciate.

I just loved the picture on this card.  I wanted pictures like this.  I wanted to preserve the s w e e t n e s s that was my children at that moment.  Because it is really hard to capture sometimes...it is easy to focus on the things that are exhausting and difficult instead of the things that give you so much joy that you think your heart will burst.  I knew that I would one day look back at this time of my life and it would be the most lovely.

I tucked this card in my wallet.  I had recently had professional pictures taken...there was some posing...and some props...and an uncooperative 2 year old.  I wasn't exactly thrilled.  But I could NOT afford to do it again...at least not anytime soon.

I would pull the card out occasionally...to look at the picture...and to be certain that I still had it.  I wanted to be sure that when I was able I would remember Amy.

And I did.

Yup...that's me...the one with the bursting heart.

Amy writes a blog too...where you can find her beautiful pictures and just as lovely prose.

Thank you Amy...for a lot more than the pics.


  1. What a beautiful family you have! That's a lovely photograph.

  2. Divine pic! Your family looks so happy and full of love. And that table...!!! ;)

  3. Thanks Tara for your thoughtful post. I hope your readers can catch a glimpse of your genuine 'bursting heart'... your love for your family far exceeds what is captured here in a single photograph. Thank you for letting me try. ~Amy

  4. Tara... you are truly one of the loveliest people I've ever met... so very special. I LOVE your Cinnamon Post. I had to read every post - right to the bottom & SO loved every moment... ...and 'wishes! - we do that!! ... my mom taught me when I was small (so many memories)... and now my girls & I are always finding wishes on each other's cheeks... these wishes are always secret... :) Thank you SO much for sharing this with me. I'm thrilled and inspired.. I'll SO look forward to every post... Love ilks xo

  5. you are TOO cute for words. And, so is your family.

    I found my way to your blog from Darby's blog..Fly through our Window.


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