New York in a nutshell...

I'm in a mood.  I was supposed to spend this morning...or at least this afternoon....with a cup of tea and the computer and no one else.  Kevin had to work from home today which meant that I wouldn't have the morning or the afternoon with my tea and time.  So I've finally sat down with a big pot of Rooibos...after a long day of looking after the house, the kids, the husband...sigh...and then Kevin walks in to tell me something about the "Bachelor".  I lost it.

Was it really just a week ago that I was in NYC...because it seems like forever...

We spent the rest of our trip in SOHO, Greenwich Village, and Tribeca...mostly SOHO...because I LOVED it...

I went to not one but TWO Anthropologie stores...and Kevin didn't complain. 

I found a cupcake shop that looked really sweet...but sadly it wasn't open....

Needing to get out of the cold, we popped into this place, Sweet Revenge

and had a chocolate and salted caramel cupcake that was OUT OF THIS WORLD

and so we went back the next day.

Kevin...your wife is sorry for her irrational reaction to your Bachelor took her on the most amazing, delicious, loving little va-cay...and she is very grateful. Please forgive me xoxo


  1. That's what I love about NYC... You find little hidden gems like that cupcake shoppe when you least expect it. Great recap. And it sounds like you have a lovely husband (even if he doesn't realize nothing ruins a good pot of tea like a bad dose of reality tv) ;)

  2. I totally understand what you feel like. I so look forward to having the house to myself so I can enjoy the peace and quiet and relax to be creative. I have a hard time tuneing out everyone elses needs when they are around. Men just don't seem to have that problem do they. Heres to a quiet day soon!

  3. That cupcake looks amazing! And public apologies are always extra-sweet. :)

  4. So fun to find you blogging and sharing your very special heart. I'll be sure to check back again! And will it totally make all your readers jealous if I brag... "I've seen Tara's house in person and YES, it's as lovely as it seems!... so is she :)"

  5. Yummy cupcake! lovely pictures, it looks like you had a great time:)

  6. these pics are gorgeous! makes me want to go shopping at anthropologie though...:)
    so happy to have found your blog!


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