My Funny Valentine

On our honeymoon -  Carmel, California - May 1999

I met my love in a bar.  But not how you think.  I wasn't drinking. I was slinging.  Drinks that is.  Behind the bar.  I was working my way through a second degree in a University town and he owned a pizzeria a few doors up the street.

He sat down and told me how much he LOVED his family.  How GREAT his parents were. We spent many long nights talking and laughing.  He was so FUNNY and suprisingly SMART and simply GORGEOUS.  I wondered when he might get around to giving me a kiss...

It wasn't long after our first kiss that he needed help when he was working at the pizzeria.  He needed money but couldn't leave the joint.  Could I take his debit card and run down the street for some cash?  Of course I said...what is your PIN?  It's 8-2-7-2 he said.

It was at this moment that I knew we were destined to be together.  You see 8- 2- 7 -2 just happend to be my PIN.  Because it is also my name T - A - R - A.  When I told him this he said 8 - 2 - 7- 2 was his badge number when he worked as an officer at the US/Canada border as a summer job.  Yup...destiny.

So when he told me that he was leaving the University town behind and was selling the restaurant to move to the BIG city and didn't think it could possibly work out....

well, I didn't worry.....

and I didn't look back down the lane...


because I knew he was the ONE.  I knew he would call.  And he did...that very night.

May 15, 1999

I'm still laughing...

and I know I always will.



  1. What a fabulous story and post!!!!
    Love. It.

  2. adorable story and pics :) ♥ing your modern fairy tale -- super sweet

  3. Ahhh- this is so sweet. What a great story!

  4. Oh how lovely - sounds like you truly were made for each other.

    I love to visit your blog for stories just like this :) Please drop by my blog for a Best Blog Award for "The Cinnamon Post" - you deserve it!

  5. I love this story!! I'm a sucker for romance and I love your wedding pic!

  6. wish you many more years of happiness... have a nice weekend!


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