Recycled Bedroom

This morning I woke up and the sun was streaming into the house.  It made me feel happy.  But that's because I spent time yesterday afternoon dusting, cleaning and vacuuming because yesterday morning the sun was shining happy on all the dust and I was NOT.

I feel compelled to say that my "decorating" budget has been VERY limited in the last couple of years due to the fact that I work part time and my income is directly related to the performance of the Dow Jones and TSX....which has been,shall we say, less than stellar.  It just means I decorate with the things I have, the things I have been generously given, the things I make myself or the occasional thrift shop or discount purchase.

As I previously mentioned here, I am working on updating my bedroom.  Here is the progress so far...

The mattress was a gift (thank you darling).  At this point I can really only justify purchasing the sheets as our Queen ones just wouldn't I got a gazillion thread count Egyption cotton sheets from Homesense, on sale, for a steal.  The duvet as well.  I am on the lookout for a duvet cover and bedskirt when the price is right...

When we got the king, I really didn't think we would be able to fit a table on either side...until I tried this little marble top I found at the Salvation Army for $15.00.  The standing lamp I picked up antiquing about 10 years ago...

I was pleased that this dresser still fit.  It was my son's "changing table" when he was a baby.  I bought it at an antique store and my mother-in-law generously had it refinished as a gift.  I LOVE it.  The glass lamp was also a gift from said mother-in-law (it really helps when you have a super duper mother-in-law with a good eye, and great taste who knows what you like!). Thanks mom! 

On the other side of the room is another piece I had made when I was pregnant with my first.  I was inspired by this from Martha Stewart Baby ...

I had installed a little bar on the top portion of this armoire to hang all her little pretty things but I made sure to keep the removable shelves as I knew down the road it would serve a new purpose. It was all that I needed for her at the time.  Yes, my principle bedroom is now furnished using cast off baby furniture!  This armoire holds clothes and a small TV.

I want to update the windows.  Those curtains are IKEA, from the AS IS section.  I'll probably re-purpose them as a table cloth...because I'm missing one...because it became a slipcover for my chair...

And because I moved this table and lamp above to our bedroom, I replaced it with these...

Guess where this little table was originally? That's right...the nursery!


  1. Love this concept of using things you already have!! Everything looks great, you are very creative :)

    BTW, thanks for your lovely comment on my recent post!

  2. I love how you decorate!! Want to come and do my house? I'm in need of a change, ha ha! I found your blog through a friend and I just love it!!

  3. this is how i decorate too - constantly repurposing :) love it!

  4. Love all your little updates. I really enjoy seeing all your dark woodwork. We have it all over our house and that is truly what made me fall in love with the house but sometimes when I view other blogs and look in magazines I long for that white woodwork/molding look.

  5. Love the way you mix the old with the new. Glad to have discovered yet another great Canadian blog. I have added you to my Canadian blog roll!

  6. I really like your changing table turned dresser. And I also like that little white table you moved next to your chair. Oh and the glass lamp, love that too! :)

    I have been working on our master bedroom but still haven't come across any lamps yet and I still want to get new window treatments. I hate having rooms have decorated but I would rather try to repurpose thrift store items or make things myself than buy everything brand new.

    Thanks for sharing your updated space!


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