Sunday afternoon skating

I took the kiddos and Charlotte's bestie skating at a local outdoor rink on Sunday afternoon.  I am so grateful to whoever it is that stands in the freezing cold, with a hose in hand so that the kids and I can get some much needed exercise and fresh air mid winter.  I have at least 3 rinks within a 5 minute radius of my home.  Lucky us...

My dear girl has the most kissable cheeks ever.  Here they are bursting out of her helmet.  I NEVER wore a helmet when skating as a child.  And I lived to tell about it.

After I finally got the three pairs of skates, helmets and mitts on them and my skates on me, Court had had enough and gave up...

Thankfully he was happy playing Tonka Joe in the truck for a little while.

I know at this point I should show the decadent hot cocoa and homemade goodies I took them home to eat after our outing...but no...I took them for donuts instead.


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