What you want and what you get.

We bought a house with no stove, cooker, oven, range...whatever you want to call it.  There was a wine fridge?  But no roaster.  Funny enough this wasn't the first time we did this.  Our first house, very dear to my heart, had a stove top but NO oven.  We eventually picked up a second-hand range and that went in the basement.  If I wanted to bake or broil or braise I had to duck downstairs.  And I mean duck, literally,...it had a looooowwww ceiling.

So why did we do it again?

Because we have a little i m a g i n a t i o n.

Shortly after we moved in, I was swinging baby Court out front.  A man bicycled by with his family.  He stopped.  He asked how we could have bought that house...with that kitchen and all?  NO imagination.

Here's one of my favourite kitchens and the inspiration behind our little update...

Photos Better Homes & Gardens

Here's our little kitchen, mid-construction...

We removed some cupboards, to make room for a range.  And there weren't that many to begin with.  We also removed some of the uppers, to make way for the range hood.  In order for the range to be able to open, we had to shift the dishwasher down a bit and then the sink. 

I painted all the cupboards.  We installed some subway tile and open shelves. Some new hardware.  A new countertop.

And this is what we got...

This house needed A LOT of work. We couldn't sink it all into the dream kitchen.  I hope one day to get closer to my inspiration above...we can open the kitchen up to the dining room beyond...where there is a FIREPLACE and room for a BIG island.  I'd really love to have more than 3 little drawers...and doors that don't fall off.  But I think with a lot of hard work and a little imagination you can almost get what you want.


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