Court's room

I don't usually go for theme rooms.

I like to mix-it-up way too much.

But when we moved into this home...there was a girls room...and a very BOYish room.

I was ready to cover up all of the hand-painted super heros that adorned this boy's room's walls...but then Pottery Barn came out with a vintage super hero line...and I changed my mind.

I mean those murals are ART...they are signed by an ARTIST..and I wouldn't want to paint over them just yet...

All furniture aside from the book shelf (PB) and the vintage chair (great find!) is hand-me-down.  Thank you generous family!


  1. Cute room. I love the shutters on either side of the window.

  2. I think the room looks just great!

  3. That is a wonderful room! I wouldnt paint over it either. Looks great with the curved walls.

  4. LOVE IT -LOVE IT - LOVE IT!!!! A super cool room for a super cool boy :D

  5. i love the art + your furniture put together style -- my house decor is the result of generous family and friends as well :)

  6. What a fun room for a little guy! I really like how it came together. You are so good at decorating! :) Love the red dresser and the bookcase.

  7. Tara,


    Thanks sharing the 'little pieces' of your life.

    You are giving me a little encouragement to do the same.


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