Feeling messy

Earlier in the week I was feeling good.  T o g e t h e r. With it.  Neat and tidy.

Today was hard.  It has left me feeling frazzled.  E m o t i o n a l.  Messy.

It happens fast. The messiness that is life. It picks you up and tosses you around and then throws you down.


But I have just slipped my arm out from the tangle of arms and fingers that were my sleeping sons and crept from his room.

And I will make my girl put down her book and kiss her sweet cheeks goodnight and sleeptight.

And then I will sip a rooibos tea and let my husband lay on the couch with his feet squished behind me and I will tell him I love him.

And all will be well.


  1. I love this. :) Sometimes days like those turn out to be the best.

  2. i agree. love the playroom even with the life debris :)

  3. it's nice to unwind from a messy day and see the beauty that remains. lovely post!

  4. This was so sweet to read this morning, life is messy, but when the day ends, it is so nice to have that familiar feel of family and I love you's!! Happy Monday to you!

  5. Your playroom looks like a fun place to be, even with the mess. I think EVERYONE can relate to this post, very well said!
    Oh, and your children are beautiful.

    Thank you for the Birthday wishes.


  6. Great post.. know exactly that rollercoaster :)
    You play room is amazing, I am working on one right now.. we also have the PB kids play table! Great blog, I look forward to following! xo

  7. Wow! This post completely and totally resonated with me...as I type with one child perched on my lap, waiting patiently for the rest of my family to get ready so that we may head out for our day...(and my husband on the couch and me...that is US to a tee!)


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