We travel at home

by Leunig

I love this thought. 

We've simplified.  We live with less.

And I do create...more than I ever have before.

I made these cupcakes this weekend for Autie K and Uncle J and my favourite niece and nephew...

I was inspired by the Salted Caramel Cupcake Kevin and I inhaled in NY at Sweet Revenge.

I decided to make some pretty cupcakes myself...with some help...from Duncan Hines.

I used parchment paper, 5 1/2 inches square for the liners.  Centre them over the pan and press down with a cup.  Fill them quite full.  I used a chocolate fudge cake mix but Martha's One Bowl recipe is one I use all the time and never fails me.  I made a simple buttercream with butter, icing sugar, milk, and vanilla and then I added a touch of salt and some butterscotch.  After icing the cupcakes, I drizzled caramel and chopped toffee chocolate bar on top. 


We are usually lucky enough to spend our spring break in Florida with my gracious in-laws.  It is heaven.

I mean, once we get there.  The trip has always been a little challenging with the kids.  I think this year would have been the first where I might have actually been able to drink my complimentary in-flight beverage. 

But we aren't going.

We are trying to make the best of it. 

Last weekend the sun shone and I was desperate to go SOMEWHERE.  Kevin would not let me utter the words M a p l e S y r u p F e s t i v a l because we have gone so many times before...

so we hopped in the car and hoped for the best.

We saw a sign "FAMILY FUN PARK"...

and followed it.

The kids were sooo excited...

We blasted The Black Eyed Peas "..I gotta feeling, woohoo, That tonight's gonna be a good night..."

Needless to say the kids were not impressed.  Kevin and I just started laughing so hard - it was Walley World and we were the Griswolds.  But this just made them MAD.

But we ended up having a LOT of fun.  We found a park...Kevin made a scavenger hunt...the sun shone.

Simple IS good....


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