5:30 am

I have to have a little "me" time...

and it happens early in the morning.

I mean...even on a Saturday.

I don't need the alarm...

I just crawl out of bed while it's still dark and tip toe downstairs and pray no-one wakes up.

I drink big mugs of coffee.

I used to read magazines...

but now I read blogs.

And then I run.

and after that...

I give myself up to everyone else for the rest of the day.

And I'm pretty happy to do that. 

As long as I've had some of that me time.

You...all of you lovely ladies who read my thoughts and look at my pictures...are part of that me time.  And I love you guys.  What a blessing it is to find sweet, like-minded woman who leave the most darling of comments and inspire me every day. Thank you.

And this little blogger is about to give some stuff away...

a few things I've been collecting...some finds...(don't worry they weren't found on one of my sweaty runs)...

and so if you'll keep reading a little while longer...

perhaps this weekend or the beginning of next week...

once I find a little more me time...

I'm going to post a give-away.

Because I really do appreciate all you kindred-spirits.

Now if you'll excuse me...

I have to go for a run....



  1. Wow, that's early! I'm proud of myself if I manage to roll out of bed at 6:30. Love reading your blog! Can't wait to hear more about your giveaway!

  2. very cool. happy running. i love my early mornings with my coffee cup and my soccer games for the same reason

  3. I used to try and do that.
    I have gotten lazier.
    And this will sounds pathetic and depressing, I think..but I actually look forward to my DREAMS as my "me time".
    Only if it is GOOD dream, of course.
    It is my time to escape...to live a life other than the one I am about to wake up to.
    I try to stay in bed with eyes shut, and a mind far far away for as long as I possibly can.

    I just depressed myself. I sound depressed don't I?

    I am going to try to change that.
    You literally just changed me!
    Tomorrow, I will get up early and have my coffee ALONE...
    wait...I have a margarita ladies night out tonight..
    perhaps I will get up early on Sunday!!!!

    have a beautiful weekend!!!

  4. Well I am way too lazy to get up that early to go and run! I do however wake up and read all the blogs that I enjoy and I am glad I found yours.

    If you ever find cute Anthro-ish clothes up there, I am a size small :)
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. oh T, I love that you get up so early, I admire that..I am a sleepy head and it take 4 rings of the alarm to get me up! enjoy your Me time my dear...and that bag of goodies, look uhm how do I put it...Tempting,...I would totally sneak over in the wee hours and to peek inside that bag! hehe...see some things get me up early! happy weekend...muwahhh!

  6. Impressive. I love getting up early to have my coffe and enjoy the quiet before my kids get up, but only in the summer when it is light out. In the winter I sleep like a bear hoping to sleep and not get up.
    I run too but after the kids are at school but I run with 10 year old lab and he is a tad slow. But he and I have been partners for 10 years so along he must come!

    Thanks for the comment on my post- but- I accidentally deleted it. This iPod is too sensitive- one false move and the wrong button is touched!

    Hope the rest of your day went well and am curious as to what you are giving away?

  7. Wow - 5:30! That's early! But I know how you feel, the house is quiet, the coffee is very tasty and the blogs are full of great posts! So very relaxing! Enjoy!

  8. That is crazy! I do the exact same thing every day: get up early, drink 2 cups of coffee while blogging, then run. That combined with a bit of meditation totally prepares me for the day!

  9. That is the best idea to hang your clock in that fabulous frame! I have a smallish clock in my dining room and was thinking about replacing it with something bigger. I think I might be hunting for a pretty frame instead!

  10. I completely understand the importance of me time, and like you, I get to have mine first thing in the morning. I usually am awake by 5am in order for my hunny to go to work, and then I have quiet time to myself before my own day starts. I love this! Thank you for this blog, I've stumbled upon you today and I'm awfully glad that I did!

  11. I loved this post. It is heartfelt and ... good. I love it. Marija

  12. What a sweet post! And that clock in the frame? Divine. I'm not sure about the 5:30 wake-time, but I'm right there with you on the "me" time. Mine usually happens after the kids go to bed, but same diff. :)


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