cookie baking and yard saleing

I went for a run early on Saturday morning.

I told myself not to, no. no, don't look.

Don't stop. No, don't stop.

You smell. You are sweaty.  No, no, no...

but then I ended up with 6 of these chairs.

I couldn't help myself. They were three dollars.  And they kind of looked like they belonged in a bistro.  I thought their smaller scale would suit my smallish kitchen. 

They are photo brown...

photo brown was not my favourite pencil crayon colour in grade school..

I always preferred the chestnut brown...

but now I'm a photo brown kind of girl.


The chairs inspired me to get going on a couple of updates around the house.  None of them are worthy of a picture just nothing is finished...just started...

because I always end up doing something like this...

chocolate chip cookie baking with the kids.

Charlotte mixed the dry...

and Courtland was in charge of the wet...

ummmm...yes...I that the next time...

but they turned out delicious.


  1. Love the chairs, they are fab and very french bistro...the cookies are making me to go feed my sweet tooth ;)

  2. They look yummy... the chairs and the cookies.

  3. $3 chairs!!! I would have bought them all too they are very cute and now I am really craving some chocolate chip cookies :)

  4. OK, I hope this doesn't scare you, but...
    you are my new obsession.
    I officially want to be YOU.

  5. hahaha - I see we go running the same way! I can't even jog along the beach for 10k without bringing stuff back under my wing. Fabbo bistro chairs! Sigh - it's that Mum thing, starting a project and ending up in cookie dough and kitchen mess. The things we will remember ;-)

  6. There should always be time to stop and make chocolate chip cookies!! Loved this...and your $3.00 chairs!! photo brown and all! :)

  7. I am new to this .. Stumbled on your blog through Linda. You have a way with your words. Spent my morning reading.

    Warm wishes,

    Carol Dannner :)

  8. Oh GREAT, now I am HUNGRY! For COOKIES!
    :D Hee hee.
    Love the photos!

  9. Good thing you did stop, the chairs are fabulous!! They do look like they belong in a french bistro. Im getting away just me and my mom this weekend, I hope to score some great things like this.

  10. Those chairs for $3...BARGAIN! Those cookies look divine by the way : ) Do you have a recipe for them? If you do please share!!

    Visit me at

    Gemma X

  11. Yummy cookies!

    I'm on the hunt for metal pharmacy stools... and would LOVE to find them for $3 but I'm guessing that won't happen. :)

  12. amazing chairs! and deals! where on earth are you shopping, lucky girl!?

  13. your kids are so adorable!

    just wanted to say thanks for your sweet note. it meant a lot to me! :)

  14. I just found your blog through Rambling Renovators - I love it. What sweet kids (making yummy cookies no less) and a beautiful home. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your blog.


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