Family Bath

Let me introduce you to the kids bath...
otherwise known as the adults bath...

or the family bath...

or the ONLY bath.

When we moved in the bathroom was dingy and the tub had cigarette burns?  I wasn't going to bathe my babes in that so it HAD to go.  We installed a new shiny white tub and shiny white subway tile. 

And like the kitchen we couldn't gut it all and start over...

so I had to live with some things.  And I did...for a little while.

We gradually replaced a big double console with two separate pedestal sinks.  It was easier to use beadboard to cover up the holes left by the old cupboard and plumbing so we ran that around the perimeter of the room.  Soon we had a new toilet too.  I painted above the beadboard a fresh, light green to match the existing ceramic tiles.  The tall freestanding cupboard is one that I have had for a loooong has moved from our first house, to our second and now has found a place in our third.  I love built-ins but I am so glad that I have been able to take this with me.

IKEA has some great pots in the plant section that I've picked up recently and put to use in this bath...

I couldn't resist the fresh spring colours. One for us...

and one for the kids.


  1. I love the bathroom. You have made it look beautiful despite not gutting it. I love the character it has, actually your whole house!

    I liked your post from the other day, blogging instead of running. I too love to run and need it to clear my head.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. I love the vintage feel of your family bath. The chandelier and lead glass window and cabinet are beautiful! We have a family bath too, I dream of a master bath someday...maybe.

  3. uhm did you say the only bath...the ONLY bath! hehe, I love it and I think you did a great job creating storage for you and the kids!! I love the cabinet that has traveled to many different houses...and your family bath is 3x's bigger then my master bath!

  4. The hand towels, where did you get those hand towels? So cute! And the bathing suit print. Fun!

    I love the age and vintage charater in your house.

  5. I love it! that cabinet is gorgeous as is the toilet. Is that weird to say?

  6. I love every room in your house. They just ooze warmth and comfort. Love the cabinet and the beadboard. And that swimsuit art - I have an Alison MacKenna original too (its a negligee & stocking on a clothesline and hangs in Chloe's room)!

  7. I love the bathroom, the pedestal sink, the white beadboard and your cabinet are all just too lovely! You do have such a cozy home :)


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