Homework, pizza & a cake...

This is a picture of my four year old working on his homework this past week.  Or as I like to call it teacher imposed "special" time with my child...

Don't get me wrong...

I really like his teacher...

and I guess it isn't unusual for there to be homework in JUNIOR Kindergarten? 

Thankfully he likes doing it...

and he thinks he does a great job.

So it really is FUN.

I have to admit it wasn't as FUN with my daughter...

as she doesn't always think she is doing a great job...

and we often end up in tears.


She can be so HARD on herself. 

She brought this home from school recently...

and I just hope she knows how GREAT she is.


The kids and I spent this past weekend playing flying angel...

and making the easy peasy pizza I found here at Stephmodo...and it really was EASY and delicious.

The kids opted for the usual...sauce and cheese...

and I couldn't decide between pesto with wilted spinach & mushroom or mushroom, pepper & tomato...

so I didn't...

and made both.

Daddy spent the weekend with some friends and some fish and came home on Sunday to something else the kids and I made...

his birthday cake. That's Kevin in the middle. 

Court wanted it to be the HULK.

But Charlotte won.


isn't she GREAT.


  1. I want your pizza and your cake and your house. Your kids are adorable, too, but I have three already and three more might throw a wrench into the mix.

    Oh, and I'll take your new Anthro top.
    I'll be by later to pick it all up! :)

  2. Can I share that pizza with Linda?? And your home?? I mean, honestly Linda, you already have a beautiful home, and well...I am starving.

    And I think you are ALL GREAT!!

  3. That is so gorgeous. Oh dear - Canada has this THING for homework too? It's been killing me since they were 5. My miss Libellule says things like your daughter and I suspect some off comments from her teacher from time to time reinforce that way of thinking. SIgh - and they spend soo long in these places.

    Lucky they have pizza and cake with Mum to make up for it!

  4. love the cake! and your daughter's angst is so sweet too -- i hope you're keeping it to give to her in a card when she achieves something amazing later in life. great celebration of the everyday (especially if that day includes a great locale and gourmet handmade pizza)

  5. isn't daily life beautiful!!! I love that cake so sweet and I am not looking forward to homework, I was like your daughter very hard on myself, I hope my boy is like yours and take it like it is!

  6. This is so sweet! And the pizzas look amazing.

  7. Ok, now I don't feel so bad about the JK homework thing. Although it still is a pain in the butt.
    Also? The pizza looks delicious! I wish I had some right now;)


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