jenna & my pretty picks

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I just read that Jenna Lyons will be on Oprah this week...Wednesday I think. Running to set my PVR now...

ok I'm back...

and dreaming of a dressing room just like hers.  I'm hoping to spice up my dressing room/office in the coming days weeks and am inspired by a few things I've treated myself to for my birthday....

 and hugs, kisses and a BIG thank you to the generous family members who donated toward these treats.

The glamorous lady in the antique shop who was looking at a piano stool thought I was loony for wanting this fan...

but there's dents all over it...she said. 

It is blue and I LOVE it. Dents and all. Although the red paint on the propeller is a little gruesome and I just may have to take some sandpaper to that.  Not to worry, no one was harmed in the taking of this photo...


(I just figured out what "mwha" is...i'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes...and i like it...mwha, mwha, mwha and a very big mwha to my love who turns 3-9 tomorrow)


  1. ♥ your new purchases! great taste. i love jenna's dressing room too. the red on the fan makes me laugh, total conversation piece

  2. Oh girl love the new love love the fan, red paint and all!! :) muwahhh!!!

  3. You are so funny!
    You found some pretty things and Im loving that fan too!
    Have a great week!
    Stop over, Im having my first give-away.

  4. Oh, I love that dressing room pic! I DREAM of a dressing room, I have a vanity, check, and a walk-in closet, check, but there's no room to combine the two. Boo! Pretty birthday presents, and a lovely blog you've got here, I'm a new follower!

  5. what great bday picks. Happy birthday. love jenna lyons, thanks for the heads up.


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