Olde silver...

I love olde silver...

and don't you love how I've spelt old with an 'e'...

it's like Ann...with an 'e'...

so much BETTER.  Are there any LM Montgomery fans out there? Because I am one HUGE Anne fan.

This cup is old and it is dented...but it is a treasure.

My father's baby cup.  Never has the name Ralph looked so elegant...unless, of course, when it is followed by Lauren.

The cup is displayed proudly beside my Anthro mugs and wine corks...and I may or may not get around to polishing it.

I was gifted this gorgeous sterling flatware by my great Aunt...whose last name started with a T...as does my first...

and I use it as much as I can.

This cake stand is my newest olde addition and it cost me a whopping 2.99 at the Salvation Army.

It is silver plate.

The lady at the check-out turned it over and was surprised at the price...saying that the person pricing it must not have realized that it was silver.

I don't know what she wanted me to do but there was this really awkward moment...

and then I paid my 2.99 and left.

Feeling a little guilty...and not.

I mean that's the whole point of "shopping" at the Salvation Army...

to find a buried treasure.


photo of Jenna Lyons' Brooklyn home - Domino

I am happy to report that after viewing the Jenna Lyons interview on Oprah, we share something in common.  And it does have to do with her dressing room...and mine...and I will post about it soon.


and we also have something else in common...

handsome hubbys...

here's mine lookin fine in his new birthday duds...



  1. you're funny
    I laughed at the awkward moment...you did the right thing!
    My daughter was given a silver baby cup from Tiffany when she was born, and they spelled her name wrong.
    I love getting peeks at your home and world...it is sooooooooooo inviting.

    so...can I come over???

  2. Love your flatware!! It's so pretty! Great find on the silver cakestand for $3. I have been looking for a cakestand for months no with no such luck.

  3. ekkkk, love that vintage silverware...love love love...and funny there is a T floating around our house too, she wears a hallo...does your T wear a hallo as well?? have a great weekend. muwahhhhh!

  4. you are getting more devious. soon
    will have to turn the mwha into a muhh wahh wahha. ;) as always love the deal-finding, hubby-♥ing, and house dressing. looking forward to hearing more about the dressing rooms

  5. I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with silver. I like it - but HATE to polish - mine all looks like doo-doo! :D Love your dude's new duds!!!!

  6. lovely silver and what a steal! your "e" comments make me laugh. it's the same principle as evertyhing sounding better with a british accent.

  7. love that vintage silverware...love it!

    and...love those stacked suitcases in your home!



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