Family game night

Charlotte ran toward me when I arrived at the after-school program at 5 o'clock on Friday before our long holiday weekend...

"Family game night??" she asked.

I just wanted to get home. But I wanted this to be a nice weekend...

the weekend we celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday...

and summer seems close at hand.

"Oh...OK." and then I smiled down at her.  I hoped she thought it was sincere.

When we walked in the door at home...

we almost ran out.

There was a man in the kitchen...

and he was cooking.

But he made the most delicious, rustic pancetta and onion pasta with fresh mozzarella...

so we let him stay.  But he had to play Monopoly...

the game that never ENDS.

I wondered how long it would take for someone to get upset...

because someone ALWAYS does.

The first was Charlotte...

she ran upstairs when Kevin asked her to please be the sunglasses instead of the soccer ball that kept rolling off the table.

Her feelings were hurt and for some reason she was also extremely determined to BE the soccer ball.

Then Court was upset that we (him & I) weren't winning...

and he left the room.

So we kept playing...

and he eventually came back. 

I'll post Kevin's awesome pasta recipe this week...



  1. Sounds like a great way to start the weekend well except for the kids getting upset and ditching the game but it wouldn't really be a family thing if somebody didn't get upset...right? :)

  2. love the pink dice :) beautiful kitchen!
    gotta love a great weekend at home

  3. The dinner sounds AWESOME!!!
    Game night sounds a lot like what happens at our house when we bust out the board games.
    So many life lessons are learned while playing Monopoly :D

  4. We used to play monopoly as a family when I was little too - and it goes on forever and ever.

    Whenever my parents wanted to speed it up they would turn the property cards over and shuffle them. Then we would take turns picking one at a time until they were all gone. We'd start with those random properties we'd chosen and go on from there.

    Just a suggestion!

  5. lol, I think I need me a man in the kitchen that can cook like that! I would drop dead if that ever happened! :)

  6. I think a man in the kitchen cooking dinner is a great start to a long weekend. Wish that happened around here! As for monopoly, I have learned NEVER to play with my husband's family, they play till blood starts spilling!

  7. Sounds like a fun weekend :) Nice to have a hubby who doesn't only offer to cook if it's on the BBQ!
    Ahh family board games, Monopoly (the never ending one)
    Good times that will become fond memories when the children are older.

  8. we started a game of chutes and ladder about five years ago..we are still has yet to end...

  9. Oh, I'm always hearing about these men who cook! Who woulda thunk??? No me. ;)

    I used to torment my parents with Game Night, only I always picked LIFE simply because I wanted to see how many pink and blue babies I could shove into my car AND I wanted to see what cool profession I would land. :)

  10. Did I mention how much I love your kitchen!! :)


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