Fast food

During the week we make quick meals. 

I should say I make quick meals.

Kevin really doesn't do any weekday cooking...

but he did last Friday and I was so grateful.

He also buys me beautiful shoes...

but that is an entirely different post.

Our go to fast food is pasta...

and it usually involves defrosting the unbelievably delicious red sauce with meatballs that his mother has lovingly prepared and placed in our freezer...

but we are OUT. 

And if you are Italian...

or marry an Italian...

you become a bit of a red-sauce snob. 

So really we were prepared to wait for some of her delicious sauce...

or until I got around to making her delicious sauce.

But then Kevin stayed with four Italian men on business...

who demanded pasta EVERY night...

and learned this quick and fabulous recipe.

Thank you MEN.

Cube a slice of pancetta and mince a red onion.

Crisp up the pancetta

Remove the pancetta, add a bit of olive oil, and a clove of garlic.
Brown the garlic until soft and fragrant and then remove.

Add the red onion and while the onion is cooking, heat some strained tomatoes.

and slowly add them to the red onion.  (but not too slow...remember this is fast food)

While the sauce is simmering...cook your pasta.  We used a rigatoni.

Toss the cooked pasta in the sauce.

Add some fresh mozzarella that you have torn into pieces and some black pepper. 

Toss again.

The mozzarella will become all melty and yummy.


and then go kiss your husband.  Because he just might make this again...


  1. YUMMY!! I love pasta and this sauce looks delicious! I hate red sauces that are bland but this looks the total opposite.

    Very easy so will give it a go :D

    Gemma X

  2. oh my goodness that sounds so delish! I will be over for lunch for leftovers!! ;)

  3. Yes, I think I'd give him a big kiss and hope there would be more to come! Sounds delicious!

  4. wait a minute..I have to actually COOK this meal??????? tricked me with FAST FOOD..I thought it meant FAST as in FROZEN....

    looks good though...maybe I can get my husband to make it for me...although I'd rather he get me new shoes!!!!!!

  5. After I stopped drooling over those shoes, I started salivating at that pasta. Looks delish.

  6. Those pumps are fab!! the pasta just tops it all off, just lovely!

  7. Sounds delicious! However, I have never in my life heard of strained tomatoes!

  8. forget the pasta...lets talk about those shoes...i love christain loubitans...great taste...

    hope your weekend is lovely


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