Keeping my cool...

It's a good thing this guy is so cute...

because I can't stay mad at him for too long.

But I am MAD.


It should be no surprise that we live in an older home.

We have gigantic hot water radiators that keep us cozy warm during our Canadian winters.

And because of all the shade and cross breezes we can get by with little air conditioning in the summer. I keep telling Kevin that we are so green because we don't have central air conditioning and being green is totally chic.

But it has been very HOT.

Last night we went for ice cream to cool off...

When we returned from the Purple Pony the cooler night air had permeated the house and it was lovely.

After watching my favourite show Friday Night Lights...

where Coach Taylor said he had to spend time "loving his wife"....

and Riggins went hunting AND pageant dress shopping...

and Crucifictorious made an appearance...

we went to bed.

I woke up boiling hot at 5 am...

and wondered how it got hotter overnight.

That is until I checked our thermostat and saw that it had been cranked...

and our radiators were boiling.

Courtland was the culprit and now I am desperately trying to cool the house off...

and my temper.

Perhaps a little thrifting might do the trick...



  1. Oh that little turkey. It'll make a good story later and you'll laugh at his crazy antics. In the meantime I guess a cool shower is in order and looking at that sweet face and those adorable eyes to melt your heart and maybe another trip to the ice cream store.

  2. Not a great way to wake up ~ it's like being in a tent! Hope you could get the house cooled down again ~ loving the ice cream shots.

  3. Oooh it is the worst thing to wake up in the middle on the night..especially when it's hot!

    I agree with'll laugh about it all later : )

    The ice cream looks yummy btw!!

    Gemma X

  4. ha ha. what a stinker! super jealous of the hot weather tho. and the charmingness of the radiators (when they are not cooking u alive) we also live in a green/eco house with great cross breezes and huge trees

  5. I lived in a house for a short period with the same radiators, and as much as they were lovely over winter, I had a roomate who often woke me up too warm at night.

    Ice cream looks yummy!

  6. I would be crzy mad as well! Love these photos! Friday Night Lights....LOVE that show so husband and I have finally found ONE show we can agree on! :)

  7. Yes he is adorable!! Good thing! I would be mad too!
    I always say that when our little one does something crazy...good thing your cute!
    Try to have a cool day, yesterday we sat in the baby pool together.

  8. he's adorable and just like my fin.
    Fin would totally do that.

  9. oh gosh! hope you're cooler now!


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