Peter Pan

Charlotte peppered me with questions last night as I washed the last of the dinner dishes...

"Do you think I'll ever have a boyfriend?"

"Do you think he'll dump me?"


Where has my little one gone?

I had to remind myself that just days ago we had the pleasure of seeing Peter Pan at Stratford thanks to my dear Mom.  A play about a boy who never grows up.

A lovely afternoon...

just the girls.

And of course I LOVED it...

because I love all period pieces...

where the actors talk with English accents...

and the girls wear corsets...

and the boys top-hats.

But also because it was AMAZING.

And when J. M. Barrie shouted out...

"Do you believe in Fairies?"

Charlotte didn't hesitate to shout back...


And when the cast of characters waved good bye on the big Pirate Ship...

my dear Charlotte waved back.


I've been making progress on the bedroom and the dressing room...

and the Giveaway!

I'll be back soon...


  1. Hello t, your bedroom looks fab, cant' wait to see the rest~ Boy don't girls grow up so fast, to already be thinking of heart break, makes me weepy~ Hope you had a good weekend~

  2. Hiya,

    Your bedroom looks lovely...a very relaxing place : ) Girls do grow up don't they? I remember worrying about the exact same thing!

    Gemma X

  3. your room is inspiring me to make my bed :) looks great. looking forward to seeing the rest of the pics
    i hear you with the kids growing up too fast. my middle schooler was telling me all about his second school dance the other day and i was thinking, "i am so not ready for this" ;)

  4. Oh, your daughter is so lovely! I love Peter Pan, I remember my parents taking me to plays when I was little and they were SO much more magical than movies! XO!

  5. I believe in fairies, too
    I do, I do, I do believe in fairies!!!

    and I have been dumped

    and somehow...we all survive

    that girl of yours is a beauty

  6. DOUBLE YIKES!!! Isn't it crazy when they start asking random GROWN UP questions!?!? I am always giving my husband the "Where on Earth does he come up with this stuff" face.
    And.... LOVE this series of photos! Just precious!

  7. Oh that nearly broke my heart - thinking of the day my girls will ask those questions! Your bedroom looks like a lovely restful + gorgeous space to head at the end of the day! xx

  8. I have not forgotten about you Tara!
    I'm knee deep in changes over here and i will get your necklace out asap!
    Have a great week girl.

  9. That's your bedroom?? Oh I L O V E it!! The chandlier is fabulous and the picture of your daughter above the nightstand is perfect! Girl, you've got an eye for fabulousness! I'll be following :-)

  10. Bedroom looks great and your daughter, how sweet! So sad how fast they grow and to already be worrying about boys, oh my.

  11. the joys of seeing them grow up...and at the exact same time...hate seeing them grow up!!!

    your daughter is beautiful!!!...and the bedroom looks great, too!

  12. I have found you (via the other Tara!)and I heart your blog!
    I remember being young and telling my mother silly girlie things like what I wanted to be when I grew up:
    "A Mom, like you"
    And when she would catch me day-dreaming and ask me what I was thinking about and I told her:
    "Im thinkin about my future husband" (only I think then I thought I was gonna marry Kirk Cameron!)
    Enjoy your special moments !

    XOXO Lauren

  13. I have a 9 year old sweet little girl.. who isn't so little anymore.. .(sniff)! So bitter sweet this age! =) I love love Peter Pan!! right up there with Mary Poppins! Finding Neverland is one of my fav fav versions of "peter pan" ;)

    hopped over from Blondie in SC!

  14. oh my, I am so not ready for that stage.

  15. Ah those questions! I don't know how I'd answer them. She is adorable!


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