Putting it all together

Ummm....would anyone like to see a picture of Court swinging at the park on Mother's Day???

Ya...me too.

But all my shots look like THIS...

I just feel like I can't get it all t o g e t h e r.

But I will.     Soon.

I think I just need one night's sleep where my four year old doesn't cry out or crawl into bed with me. I'm hoping tonight's the night I get lucky..

and so will one of the lovely ladies who commented on my giveaway.

I wish I could pick ALL of you...

and hand deliver my package...

and stay for coffee...

or tea...

or wine...

of course that would be up to you.

But I can't soooo...

the randomly chosen winner of the little things is...

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue!

Londen please email me your address and I'll get these little things to you.



  1. Tara, I remember those sleepless nights. That is why I only had 2 babies. They are 19 and 17 now and I wish I had been more patient then. I need my sleep but I realize now I should have cherished those nights together. They really do go by fast. Cuddling with a teenages just isn't th same, sweet but not the same :). I love Patty Griffin and was glad to listen to her while posting this comment!

  2. Tara...I am so happy and thrilled to be the winner of your lovely gifts!! I would love to fill those pretty glasses with wine and chat with you about our 4 year olds, sleep and everything in between.
    Thank you so much!


  3. Love this! and I'm loving your blog. I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't seem to take a decent picture of my boys. Will be following! xo Erica


  4. I had that sort of day yesterday, but we are all blessed and wake up each morning to a new day and clean slate to a wonderful start over.

  5. I love your series of photos! It is fun to see just a bit of the action too :D
    My plan of attack is usually to stand a little further back and then use my handy cropping tool to get a little closer in when/IF I get a good shot!
    Good luck on the sleeping - I will keep my fingers crossed!

  6. Congrats to the winner! On the one hand, your photos have a special appeal to me the way we seem to be swinging along with your son...on the other hand, its good to see I am not the only sleep deprived Mom who can't get it together! :)

  7. hhaaa! but seriously, while these photos may not be so great for gramma, some of them have excellent artistic potential! they tell a great story about a child on a swing, especially when you arrange them like that.

    (sorry to interrupt... i found your blog via Chris V's profile.)

  8. I, too, sleep with a four year old!!!!!


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