Spring evening

It was one of those evenings where I race home from work, pick up the kids and see how fast I can get something in their little tummies before we're heading out the door again.

Kevin took Charlotte to Martial Arts while Court hung out...

and I made Kevin and I a quickie whatever I had leftover in the fridge pizza that I was able to serve al fresco...

when he and Charlotte returned.

The kids played outside...

and we dined...

and I sighed.

And the most wonderful thing arrived in the mail for me today...

my beautiful Eliwill necklace.

That was sent to me courtesy of the letter K...

for Kasey that is.

I was lucky enough to win one of her fabulous give-aways at her blog Lola B's...

and Kevin put it around my neck tonight and I suddenly felt pretty.

The necklace, and the beautiful package it came in...

smelling like France...

and filled with sweet touches...

was just so...


Thank you Kasey.


  1. beautiful day!
    so happy 4 u. fab looking thrown together meal

  2. Goodness that is a great looking pizza with whateverwasleftinthefridge! And dining al fresco sounds fab!! xo!

  3. you know how they say on American Idol (ok, maybe you don't watch American Idol, but people not on American Idol say this too..people in TV, film, and music...)...you have to have the "IT" factor. You know...that certain something that makes you stands out. Sets you apart. Has people notice.

    Your blog, for me, has the "IT" factor.

    I think it is the simplicity.
    The honesty.
    And your beauty.

    It just feels like such a nice place to stop by...

    that's all..

    and I do love K too...
    and I am jealous of that necklace around your neck..all she ever sent me was a cloth maxi pad

    (no..that is not even true...she sent me a package full of loveliness too....)

    oh wait, crap, I am not done...
    that pizza you whipped up and the wine???
    I want it.
    Looks so romantic.
    Was the night romantic?
    Because it looks like it was.
    Amazing..after running kids around and work, there is ROMANCE???

    I am done

  4. that's what you 'throw' together with whatever is left in the fridge....nice and impressed over here...

    the necklace is lovely

  5. Hi..

    The necklace is so nice..your very lucky! Sometimes evenings like these are the best : ) (Your pizza looks yummy btw).

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog & commenting..you made me smile :D

    Looking forward to your next post!
    Gemma X

  6. Sounds like the most wonderful day!

  7. You lucky girl ~ don't you just love giveaways and warm spring evenings and dining al fresco and pizza!!

  8. glad im not the only one taking picture of my kids feet all the time! i love feet... until they are big and stinky boy feet! but baby feet and toddler feet... cute!
    cute blog... ive been itching to make a "chalk board" area in my house. you may have inspired me! now off to sell my husband on it!

  9. it looks fabulous on you right along with a glass of wine;-)

  10. Can I come live with you! ;) that pizza looks yummy!!


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