I love the farmers market & my friends...

I love the farmers market. So much.

Do you know what is so funny...that bag of cherries cost me $5.  And we have a huge cherry tree with weighted branches in our backyard.  But the cherries are out-of-reach.  The only ones eating our cherries are the birds and the chipmunks. They LOVe it here.

photo by charlotte

So do I.

But life isn't always a bowl of you-know-what...

and when the dreadful fall happened and I was standing in my backyard with my husband in one ambulance...

and my boy in another...

and my girl...

my girl....

what am I supposed to do with my girl?

I felt really alone.

My friends are all at least 30 mins away...

some of the most special are plane rides away.

But I have found friends and kindred spirits where I didn't know I had them...

and I am so grateful.


I finally got around to potting my tomato plant...

and some herbs...

and I can thank Kasey and Paula for the inspiration.

I'm hoping these might be a few things I can pick from my own backyard this summer.

Thank you to all you lovelies who leave the kindest of comments...you make my day.


  1. love the photo by charlotte. save it for your author photo someday. beautiful gardening! and i want to do the farmer's market in that kind of style too -- all over the carrying basket. your blog is like reading a mag. fab as usual

  2. I really want to try and get to a Farmers market soon! So much fresh organic produce : )

    Shame about the Cherries!

    Gemma X

  3. I love our farmers market too, but I don't get down there enough! Love your bakset and the photo of you, just darling, have a wonderful weekend Tara, muwahh!

  4. nice looking little plant you have there.
    Don't ya love Paula's blog...i just lover her style.
    Have a fabu weekend tara....
    and thank you for the nice comments the other day...
    you are the sweetest!!!

  5. So great! YOU just inspired me...our farmer's market is in town tomorrow...heading there! Thanks!

  6. I go to the Farmer's Market every Wednesday morning and love going.

    Your pictures were great.

  7. eek! I have yet to make it to the farmers market, so sad. Love your pots. gorgeous. I still havent filled all mine.

  8. Me too ... i love it. It's fresh and honest and real... like you! :) xoxoxoxo


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