Minor irritation and a new desk chair...

I've been really irritated today...

it could be that it doesn't matter if my hand is down the toilet...

in the kitchen sink...

or scrubbing my own body in the shower...

someone is calling for me.

Or maybe its the dried cherry bits from the Kashi granola bars that are making a trail from the kitchen to the playroom...

or the ones getting stuck to the bottom of my feet.

Court doesn't LIKE the cherry...just the chocolate chips.

So I guess he figures he can just eat around them and let them drop where they may...


My new old desk chair.  I'm loving the industrial look.  I got it at the Christie outdoor antique show at the end of May...it was a lovely afternoon...just me, a bunch of antiques and the sunshine...and no one calling my name...for a couple of hours.

Now before hubby cries out for me I'm off to snuggle with him on the couch...


  1. I love the chair! Hope you get to enjoy some peace and quiet soon!

    Gemma X

  2. Some days are just like that ~ aren't they. Here's hoping you get another chance for some "you" time soon.

  3. woo hoo for the quiet bits -- i've been having a day like that and am looking forward to sneaking off to the library by myself a bit this week

  4. Love the chair! Would love to find something like that for my daughter's room.

    I mentioned your interesting tidbits about The Keefer and your design crush on an update in my post!

  5. I just want to let you know that you're blog has made my morning and probably also made me late for work!

  6. what a day
    MAJOR irritation over here
    just want to sit my ass down in your chair

  7. I love your new chair and especially love thinking of you having a lovely time browsing around.. with time for very special you! xoxo


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