Summer Saturday S'mores

Today was the last day of school and tomorrow is the first day of summer break.

We celebrated Summer on Saturday with some S'mores.

Charlotte declared it a summer ritual.

Our house came equipped with an outdoor fire-pit like thing...

but we only used it once.  Parts of it are crumbling...

the bricks are coming apart....

and I just don't feel right about it.

But not to worry...

a couple of candles will work just fine.

I mean you can only eat so many s'mores...

despite it's name.

And it only takes a minute to toast a marshmallow...

and even less time to gobble one up.

Tonight the hubby and I are on-our-own.

The kids have been whisked away to the in-laws for a couple of days.

Summer break means more alone time with my hubby.

Mid week summer date nights are my favourite.

It might be a movie at the old theatre...

or going out for dessert.

Sometimes its both.

I'm off to make myself pretty...


  1. enjoy!
    cute idea with the tealights. good idea when there's a fire ban out here in the summer

  2. delicious and enjoy your summer dates!!!

  3. This is absolutely adorable (especially the children!)...I bet a fantastic time was had by all - and that the in-laws get a request to do the same. :)

  4. Love this new ritual ~ although I am not a fan of toasted marshmallows ~ I do love a smore now and then. Hope you had a wonderful date night!

  5. Looks delicious! Hope you are enjoying your date :)

  6. ohh those look yummie, enjoy your time with your hubby!!

  7. my son has been eating all of our marshies straight out of the bag so when we go to make s'mores...we are left with just the chocolate and the graham!...summer dates with the man are on the top of my list as well.



  8. I've reduced myself to making S'mores in the microwave which is so unromantic! I adore your idea of using the voltive candles! Thanks so much for the idea!

  9. Yummm!!!

    If you like peanut butter, you must try these sometime -

    You do know your blog is an absolute breath of fresh air, right?


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