Come on in.

Home. I haven't been here much these last few days.

It's been a whirlwind of parties and year end shows and family visits.

We've been walking in the door, dropping off, picking up, and then we're off again.

I miss it. I miss home.

It misses me too. It looks sad. It needs taking care of too and I must admit I've been neglecting it.

Too many living, breathing, laughing, crying loves to look after.

Court and I did get to the berry patch in the morning ...

and to the book shop in his pjs in the evening....

but we need some order in the house....

and we need to make it shine...

because I'm going to take some pictures and send them to Mr. Mead...and hope he won't laugh.

And you can too...


  1. Anywhere is more fun in pjs!!!! :)

    Thanks for the note today. Sounds like we're on the same sidewalk again? Let me know if you need to talk...

  2. oh good luck winning! I don't have the nerve to send in photos!

  3. Sweet picture of your baby in his pjs.

    Good luck...

  4. love the suitcase stack. thanks for sharing. am so going to do this too!

  5. Go for it! If it comes down to voting, you'll get mine. Going to the book store in pjs must be blissful!

  6. Berries and books - sounds like a perfect day. Oh I hope you get into the book!

  7. I was going to tell you to send your pictures!! And he will not laugh..trust me...if I sent MY house pictures..well, now THAT would be very funny

  8. you go girl, send in those photos...wouldn't it be dreamy to have your house decorated for christmas by him!! **sigh** loved your little in his jammies at the bookstore! muwahhh!

  9. Love the bookstore pics, so cute!
    Your house is beautiful, send them in proud!

  10. your house is so pretty.
    i want to take my kids strawberry picking.
    i wish i could find one.

    good luck with matthew mead. :)

  11. My house is feeling neglected too! We are in the midst of doing some renos so I have been trying to keep up with the common areas and that's it. I love my house when it shines ~ there is nothing like throwing open the windows ~ seeing the surtaains blow in the breeze ~ put on some music and just going for it! Good luck with the contest & the berries look delightful!

  12. I'm thinking he definitely won't laugh!
    Are you kidding me?

    So glad your lovies are okay. What a fright!

  13. Oh you definitely have to send pictures!!

    (He actually emailed me recently and asked for pictures once we're settled into our new farmhouse. Talk about instant panic!!)


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