I'm pooped.

I found this picture of the mud room looking all tidy - it never looks like this. There are smelly shoes that have been creek walking and damp suits that have been swimming. There are empty water bottles that need filling and towels that need drying. It smells of grass, and sunscreen and summertime.  My kiddos are knee-deep into summer and loving it.

As they have been enjoying their days at summer camp, I have been counting mine down until my vacation starts. I pick them up from camp each day and they are worn out and brown...I am worn out and pasty.

It has been exactly one-year since I have had a week off work - a year since I've had more than 4 days away from the deary office. I need a break. It's coming..

in just three more days.

I can do it...yes, I can.

And because I am so not inspiring at the present time...

here's some inspiration I've found:

mama wanderluster's fabulous new blog

nikole herriott's pretty home and i want her hair

i want a coffee shop like this near me

this girl is just all sorts of amazing and gives great photo tips

I read this sweet book!

The computer is crashing and so am I...

summer here I come.

me & jam

don't worry this isn't a "what I wore"...because if it was I'd have to say a $5 T-shirt from Forever 21...from a couple seasons ago.

charlotte is in the tub covered in bubbles and i just want to be her for a moment.

she's singing away.

i love to hear her sing.

court should be in bed and asleep but he's not.

he's walking around stark naked.

looking for a story book

soon we will curl up in his bed and read the story and we will listen to charlotte sing in her room behind our heads as she gets ready for bed.

i still have a sticky pot in the sink to clean up from the raspberry jam i made tonight.

i know, i'm super crazy.

as if i don't have enough to do...

but i snuck out to the raspberry fields yesterday for one whole hour and picked...

and i just had to make jam.

Happy things

When we were hosting an annual family reunion 5 years ago Kevin and I thought it would be a good idea to install a new retaining wall in our back yard.

When company is coming I tend to tackle REALLY BIG projects...

instead of throwing things in the closet and wiping the toilet seat...

I'm painting armoires or moving plants.

So when I was thinking about entering this contest, I thought it would be a good idea to install a new fireplace and paint my entire living room/dining room.

 A few things derailed my BIG plans and they included a broken wrist and a heat wave.

The fireplace still looks like this...

and I'm OK with that.

Because my kitchen is sparkly clean...

and I love this pretty french soap that everyone else in the house doesn't...

and I made chocolate chip banana bread and it is sitting uder a glass dome I got at Value Village for 2.99...

and its market day.

I'm happy.


The retractable clothesline that I have had for weeks finally went up this weekend. I had the brilliant idea to attach it to one of our pergola posts...and it worked!

Over breakfast this morning Court told me he didn't dream last night...he was just too tired. I guess going to bed at 12:30 am is what did the trick.  A wonderful night with dear friends, both his and ours, was the reason and it was a good one.

Charlotte piped up to ask me if moms and dads dream, as I flipped her french toast.

Well of course we do, I said.

She then asked what we dream about...

and I caught myself before I blurted out George Clooney.

Truthfully though, I can't really say what my last dream was about.

Was it a good one...

a not so good one?

Not sure. When I wake I think too much about the day ahead than the night that was.

Appropriately enough I passed a sign today that read...

"If you can dream it, you can do it."

And I'm pretty sure the sign-maker didn't mean George Clooney.

Or any dream that comes to you at night.

It's our life dreams.  And in many ways I am living my dream.

But at times there are things about my life that are not so dreamy.  And sometimes I think if life were a dream...

I felt a little like that today.  The weight I was holding today felt heavy. Tomorrow it will be lighter.

After a sleep in my sweet air dried sheets.




good guys

bad guys

the fearless leader


Today we are trying to be cool.

It is HOT.

We have joined the summer reading program at the local library and will veg out the rest of the day with some books...

and maybe even a movie.

We're chillin.

Just you and I

Last night Kevin and I made burgers...

grown up burgers...

with sauteed cremini mushrooms...

and a little blue cheese for him...

and some cheddar for me.

And of course wine.

You can't have an adults only dinner without wine.

There was a chill in the air so I requested a red.  Kevin picked out a Zinfandel and it was perfect.

This morning I woke up a little later than usual and went for a long run in one of my favourite neighbourhoods.

Kevin snoozed.

I returned home and made us breakfast...

in bed.

Today we will celebrate Canada Day and a very special birthday.

I can't wait to see the kids.

I can't wait to have them home.

But the last couple of days have been lovely...


and just what we needed.