The retractable clothesline that I have had for weeks finally went up this weekend. I had the brilliant idea to attach it to one of our pergola posts...and it worked!

Over breakfast this morning Court told me he didn't dream last night...he was just too tired. I guess going to bed at 12:30 am is what did the trick.  A wonderful night with dear friends, both his and ours, was the reason and it was a good one.

Charlotte piped up to ask me if moms and dads dream, as I flipped her french toast.

Well of course we do, I said.

She then asked what we dream about...

and I caught myself before I blurted out George Clooney.

Truthfully though, I can't really say what my last dream was about.

Was it a good one...

a not so good one?

Not sure. When I wake I think too much about the day ahead than the night that was.

Appropriately enough I passed a sign today that read...

"If you can dream it, you can do it."

And I'm pretty sure the sign-maker didn't mean George Clooney.

Or any dream that comes to you at night.

It's our life dreams.  And in many ways I am living my dream.

But at times there are things about my life that are not so dreamy.  And sometimes I think if life were a dream...


I felt a little like that today.  The weight I was holding today felt heavy. Tomorrow it will be lighter.

After a sleep in my sweet air dried sheets.


  1. love the retractable clothes line idea. source please?
    and ha ha -- you are too funny
    hope tommorow's all breezy and less loadish

  2. I am certain you will sleep soundly on those fresh sheets - there is NOTHING better - and have heavenly (GEORGE CLONEY FILLED) dreams :D

    Great post!!!

  3. I just about spit out my gum laughing when you said george clooney, you silly girl, so funny!! I do hope tomorrow is a better one for you, I hate those heavy days, hate them, but always know they are not forever, thank goodness!

  4. Love Brooke's comment! Nothing better than freshly cleaned sheets, and George Clooney dreams.

  5. Oh, see now, I absolutely do think that sign was about George Clooney.

    Honestly? I live for my night time dreams, because when they are good, the feel so real...and the dreams I have when I am awake???? Well...still waiting on those to come true...


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