me & jam

don't worry this isn't a "what I wore"...because if it was I'd have to say a $5 T-shirt from Forever 21...from a couple seasons ago.

charlotte is in the tub covered in bubbles and i just want to be her for a moment.

she's singing away.

i love to hear her sing.

court should be in bed and asleep but he's not.

he's walking around stark naked.

looking for a story book

soon we will curl up in his bed and read the story and we will listen to charlotte sing in her room behind our heads as she gets ready for bed.

i still have a sticky pot in the sink to clean up from the raspberry jam i made tonight.

i know, i'm super crazy.

as if i don't have enough to do...

but i snuck out to the raspberry fields yesterday for one whole hour and picked...

and i just had to make jam.


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