I'm pooped.

I found this picture of the mud room looking all tidy - it never looks like this. There are smelly shoes that have been creek walking and damp suits that have been swimming. There are empty water bottles that need filling and towels that need drying. It smells of grass, and sunscreen and summertime.  My kiddos are knee-deep into summer and loving it.

As they have been enjoying their days at summer camp, I have been counting mine down until my vacation starts. I pick them up from camp each day and they are worn out and brown...I am worn out and pasty.

It has been exactly one-year since I have had a week off work - a year since I've had more than 4 days away from the deary office. I need a break. It's coming..

in just three more days.

I can do it...yes, I can.

And because I am so not inspiring at the present time...

here's some inspiration I've found:

mama wanderluster's fabulous new blog

nikole herriott's pretty home and i want her hair

i want a coffee shop like this near me

this girl is just all sorts of amazing and gives great photo tips

I read this sweet book!

The computer is crashing and so am I...

summer here I come.


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