Fall is around the corner...

There are so many things telling me that my favourite season of all, fall, is around the corner.

Yesterday I woke up and had to pull on a sweater and close the windows because the house had grown so chilly overnight.

After my morning run I wanted to take my first HOT shower in a long while.

Last weekend the kiddos and I went to the apple orchard and had our first apple of the season...a ginger gold.  Crisp and delicious.

The apple orchard is a quick 10 minute country drive from our home. It is a destination of sorts for us...somewhere to go when you just need...somewhere...to...go.

For some that is Starbucks...

or the mall.

I for one would like to enjoy my skinny coffee misto with one shot of cinnamon dolce syrup without worrying if Court is going to jump off the comfy chairs or spill his milk all over his overpriced banana bread. So that is an indulgence I like to partake in...alone.

And I just can't go to the mall. I mean there is a Disney Store and I would just get stuck there for hours.

So I take the kids to the apple orchard.

They love the peanut butter cookies and I love the homemade pie.  We all love the apples.

If we are lucky we can pick our own or go on horse drawn wagon rides

Even if it isn't a special time of year...there is a swing set and a picnic table where I can sit my tired self down.

And the kids swing...

and I dream about the country.

Court doing his own meditation


  1. i love fall!

    Crisp mornings....brown leaves.....cinnamon and apples...any excuse to wrap up warm lol.

    And then it is the festive season.....whats not to love?!

    Love Gemma x

  2. What a perfect place to escape to. I always look forward to fall and it always goes by too fast with winter coming next. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. That sounds like a lovely little spot. Much better than the MALL! HA :D

  4. Well ~ I do not think that we will be having fall thoughts in the coming week by the looks of the forecast! I am on vacation so I am relishing in this warm weather. I do look forward to crisp apples ~ being able to actually turn on the oven and pull on a comfy sweater ~ but I am a patient girl and will hold onto summer and my flip flops for awhile yet. Happy Sunday.