Last week we were jumping into cool northern waters...

and zooming around on quads.

It's become a tradition. 

Our generous friends invite us to be a part of their week at the family cottage and we couldn't be more lucky.

I'm reminded every year of how awesome this group is...

how special their children are...

how grateful I am to have them in my life.


This week found me back at work and it was like I never went away.

While I worked, the kids days were filled with summer fun thanks to their wonderful grandparents. There were carousel rides and trips to the library. Many, many swims.  When I kiss their messy heads they smell of chlorine and fresh air.  Their bodies are brown and the bottoms of their feet are black.


I've found the first red leaves of our maple to fall in our yard and I can't help but think towards fall...  


and happy to see I can still get away with this hat...


There are ripe bananas in my kitchen calling out to be made into bread.  It's nie's recipe and it is delish. Although I have decreased the amount of sugar over time, especially if the bananas are extra ripe and sweet, you can find the recipe here.


We are working on the fireplace this weekend after I picked up a mantel at a Habitat for Humanity Re-ScoreStore.  I can't wait to show the amazingness. If only it would install itself...


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