My fire

NYC January 2, 2010
I love my handsome hubby so very much. And I know we were destined to be together.

But to be honest there have been moments when I have asked myself what the heck I got myself into.

And it's not just me...others shake their head sometimes and ask me how do you do it?

He is always looking for something...
or directions to somewhere.

We routinely miss cut-offs or exits when he's driving and have to take the scenic route.

When we hear a bump in the night I have to convince him why it would be better if he went to check it out.

Now he would give you the shirt off his back...
provided you were able to help him take it off.

And he doesn't always do things the conventional way but he does do them for the right reasons.

I think he does what he does the way he does it for love.

Love for me...
the children...

All that I want is one who knows me

A kind hand on my face when I weep

And I'd give back these things I know are meaningless

For a little fire beside me when I sleep

Little Fire by Patty Griffin

(love, love, love Patty Griffin!)

I listened to this song on my way to work today and I thought that Kevin is my little fire and that makes me pretty lucky. And my life as good as it gets.


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