Sunday night and Santa

Sunday was a scorcher.  All thoughts of nubby woolens and corduroy pants flew out the window when the air conditioner kicked back in.

But that didn't stop Court who decided after dinner to write to Santa Claus.  I guess he wants to get his list in early...

even though I reminded him that his birthday was coming up sooner than Christmas.  If anyone knows where Santa can get some shark bones, I'm sure he could use the help.

While Court put the finishing touches on his correspondence I walked into where Kevin was watching television.  He reminded me that the Emmys were on...

the red-carpet had started...

and I had completely forgot. 

Kevin and I are award show watchers. This years Emmys were of up most importance because my favourite show was finally getting some love.

Both Friday Night Lights stars Kyle Chandler...

and Connie Britton...

were up for best acting awards.

I panicked because I still needed to clean up the kitchen from dinner and the whole Santa Claus debacle and get those kiddos to bed. Or at least pre-occupied with something...

so I gave Kevin the choice between running out to get a movie for them or cleaning up the kitchen.

He chose the movie. I cleaned.

He returned and popped in Home Alone. A classic...and a fitting choice.

Neither Connie nor Kyle won the Emmy. But I was reminded of how much I l-o-v-e Modern Family.

And John Hamm.

And Tina Fey.

I didn't watch to the bitter end...

because I already felt like a bad mommy and it was after 10 pm.

I peeled the sleepy kids from the bean bag chairs and got them...

and myself...

to bed.


  1. I too love awards shows and I cheated and recorded it then started watching about an hour in so I could zip through the things I did not really care about. It is never too early to think about your Santa list ~ maybe Court is on to something! Hot ~ hot ~ hot here as well as we spent the afternoon in the pool ~ ahhh gotta love vacation!

  2. Court is too cute! My little one, Mckinley has been humming Christmas tunes and talking about Santa...weird.
    I love modern family too, great show! Stay cool.

  3. So cute! It's never too early to be thinking of Christmas lol. It isn't too warm here now so I'm thinking about Fall/winter already!

    Gemma x

  4. i love the list -- it looks like something my boys would write. (6,almost 10,13)they all still love pokemon and will have battles taking all the stuffies into one room and assigning them powers and then run into each other and assess damage. even the cat gets in on the action (and comes back for more) ie. "smokey is smokarino who has claw attack"

    shark bones could be constructed out of crumpled long wrapping paper tubes done up with paper mache and then glazed brown over white sort of coffee colored. (you could install hanging on strings from his bedroom ceiling in simple shark shape for Christmas morning or lay them out on the living room floor a la art gallery)

    you can buy bags of bloody shark teeth gum at the candy store and maybe he wants a little surfer necklace with the shark tooth hanging.

    now i want it to be Christmas :)

  5. I love award shows too! I was so happy for Modern Family and Jon Hamm. And my favorite Sheldon from Big Bang Theory!

    We've been talking about Santa too. My daughter wants DRUMS!!


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