What's up

Chocolate chip banana bread has become a staple in our house.
Who says you can't eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Charlotte just walked in and I asked her "what's up?"

She promptly replied "me".

It's after 11 pm and she is up...and so am I.

I should be drifting off and so should she but we are hot...and sticky...and excited for our little cottage bound excursion tomorrow.

Tomorrow afternoon we will find ourselves surrounded by friends and a cool lake and we can't wait.

Today I found the kids doing this...

as I knocked things off my to-do list.  The list included installing 8 pot lights in our dungeon of a basement and 3 hanging lanterns on our porch. 

As I checked off my tasks I couldn't help but wish that I could have been a part of the Scaredy Squirrel quadrilogy today...

but that is the goal.  Those lights are leading somewhere and its going to be great.

yes, that is a melty chocolate chip on Court's chin


  1. Enjoy your trip!!! Sounds like you need it.. and deserve it :D I love the photos of your two. They look so sweet together... mine would be clocking eachother if they were to ever share a seat like that. :D

  2. And, where is the recipe? Please, I am salivating!

  3. It looks lovely!! Please share the recipe : )

    Gemma x

  4. Yummers!

    You installed pot lights????

    Get out! Way to go!

    The lanterns I think I might be able to tackle...but I would still want supervision :)

    Happy VacatioN!

  5. oh those darling children, sharing books and a snuggle, melts me...your bread sounds fantastic!

  6. love the sounds of the trip and the scaredy squirrel books.
    your job impresses me, but i can so see you in something more creative down the road :)
    loving your blog more all the time.

  7. Chocolate chip banana bread is a fav here too! Have a blast at the lake and try to stay cool.

  8. Yes...would love a follow up post with the recipe for the bread...yum! And your babies are still so gorgeous...have loads of fun on your getaway!!


  9. Love the pictures of your adorable ones, that is a very sweet moment.
    Yes, another vote for the recipe.
    Have a great time at the lake!


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