sweet summer stuff

I want to be able to talk about the summer. About how ready I am for the kiddos to go back to school...

because I have had to entertain them all summer long...with summery stuff.

But to be honest...

it hasn't been that way for me.

I've worked too much. The kids have played.  I think they have had a wonderful summer and for that I am so happy.  But it wasn't really because of me.

This has been my week to dig into summer. To get my toes sandy. To burn the tip of my nose and let my wet hair tangle.  Each day I've tried to do something special...

to make my summer memorable.

And its worked.

On Monday we started off with a crafty craft. A version of this. Thank you meg for all your fabulous ideas...

however Court soon lost interest in the jar...

and began to decorate himself.

I think he is some sort of superhero...the boots are the give-away.
They always go on when he's playing one.

Later that day Charlotte went on a play-date and I took Court to the splash pad. I can't tell you how happy I was just to watch him...

splashing, swimming and making friends. 

He met a little boy named Leaf.  At first I couldn't understand what his name was and finally Leaf pointed to a tree. It was at that moment that I realized I was my mother.

Leaf wanted us to follow him home so we would know where he lived.  I suggested to little Leaf that perhaps we would see him again at the splash pad. 

But it wouldn't be on Tuesday...

because we were busy at the Beach.


  1. good job :)
    so cute!
    and we have the same little red and green watering can

  2. I love Meg too! She has some great ideas : )

    Gemma x

  3. Very Cute, glad the you and the kids have enjoyed a great week together!


  4. Such special happy memories :) Your gorgeous children doing fun stuff in the summer.
    Glad it was a successful summer for you all.
    Hazel x

  5. That jar craft is a classic! I need to pull that one out with my peeps. Looks like a fun week with some wild and crazies!!

  6. once again...your littles are gorgeous...
    and i'm envious that you are still in the throws of summer...our seemed to have ended ages ago and felt so short...

    lovely photos...


  7. love being here..miss it....had to give up blogging for a bit just so that I can read yours and be inspired!

  8. sounds like a wonderful week...your court is like my punk, he would soon get bored and become someone else, with his boots on too! hysterial, love it!

  9. very cute and nice to see you enjoyed them... have a nice weekend!


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