Meet the teacher night...

I'm so drained from meet the teacher night.

I didn't really like it when I was a student and I don't really like it now.

It just stresses me out.

The teachers were lovely.  And said the most wonderful things about Charlotte...and well Court he's supposed to listen.  "We have to listen before we can learn."

Then Court just kept disappearing and pulling at Charlotte's beaded bracelet until it broke and beads went spilling all over the floor...and all the while I'm trying to talk to a teacher...or a parent. I couldn't wait to get out of there.

And just before we left for meet the teacher night Charlotte worked on her homework and Court worked on his writing. He tore off what he had written and put it in an envelope for his teacher.  But I had to ask him - what did he write? 

He says to me as we are walking out the door - don't worry Mom I didn't write Ass.

You see his father taught him recently that Ass was another name for a donkey and he's been including it along with other words he and, the, in, it, dad, mom etc.- as he practices.  The words just flow together and end up like this: theindadmomtoasstheonit.


This week I made this little picture with some old scrabble letters and a frame I had hanging around.

I have big plans for this glass fronted cupboard I stole found in the attic at my parents... 

which is sitting in my dressing room/office...

and is presently holding my small shoe collection.

It may just get filled with these...

which I am off to read while warming my cold feet against my hot hubby.


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