It's a new record...we actually managed to carve pumpkins before Halloween this year. 

I'm feeling so with-it.  This doesn't happen very often.

Court's pumpkin is on the has 5 eyes.  Charlotte's is on the is a traditional jackolantern.  That just about sums them up.  And the funny thing is I love both pumpkins the same...just a bit differently.

We've been playing lots of family bingo. I picked the game up at Anthro on-sale last year and I love the styling so much I just leave it out. The thing is Court NEVER wins. He never gets to yell out BINGO!  So the other night Kevin thought he had won...but he was mistaken, and then I thought I had won...but again was wrong, and even Charlotte, she thought she had it at first...but then took some time but Court finally yelled out B  I N G O!!!

He talked about it for days.

I'm not really so with-it because it is 9 pm and there are still pumpkin bits on the floor in the kitchen and the kids are holed up in Charlotte's room playing stuffy town.  I'm off to put those kiddos to bed and meet the mr. on the couch...

happy halloween ♥


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