Fall is here...

my balcony
Just off this balcony is where I sit now, blogging in the dark. 

My hands are cold and they hesitate on the keyboard. My nose feels rosy.

The heat has not yet kicked in today but perhaps it will tonight as it did last night...the kitchen surprising me with a warm floor this morning. 

On Saturday night, with Charlotte away at a sleepover, Court and I busied ourselves with some sewing...

continuing our collection of Halloween ornaments that we started last year. He kept it up until bedtime and it was the first thing he wanted to do on Sunday morning.

At first he requested a castle, complete with moat, but I convinced him to go with the pumpkin...

he's sensible like that.


The oh-so-stylish Liz at Wallpaper blog asked me to open up my beauty bag and let her readers know what's in it. I know those who know me in real life will be surprised at this...but please go and check out Liz's inspiring blog...it's smashing.


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