He's five...

Courtland 2 days old
I have been off-line.

Just when I had some new friends to impress...my computer kicked-it.  The computer on which I download my photos decided it had just had enough.  The dreaded blue screen.  Although my head and camera filled up, there was no where for us to go.

Perhaps it was the years worth of photos that I have yet to print.  Yes, it could be that...

but I was determined to have it back by today. I couldn't let today go by.

Five years ago today, I was doing this...

Charlotte & I with our new babies

and yes...I cried last night.

The eve of my baby boy's 5th birthday. I looked at his big feet and just started to weep. He asked me why I was crying and I told him it was because I loved him so much.

He hugged me tight and kissed my cheek.  Two minutes later he was telling me that he didn't like me when I asked him to get into the bath. That is how we roll him and I...

and thankfully I get more of the first part.  By the time we were picking out a bedtime book he was saying sorry for bad-talking, we cuddled up and he picked out a book that I had given him. 

I pick out special books for each of the kids at Christmas and their birthdays.

When I read these books, it takes me right back to the time at which it was given.  Charlotte received this book when she was five...

Stella Queen of the Snow
when we were really into the Stella books.  Charlotte was finishing Junior Kindergarten and was helpful with her baby brother. We had just moved into this house and I was busy painting during nap time.

Today I gave Court this book...

and when we read it I will think of the beautiful October we had and baseball games in the backyard. 

And the day I cried over Court's big feet.

happy birthday my sweet, sweet boy ♥


  1. Aw, Happy 5th birthday to your (big) little man! :)

  2. Happy 5th Birthday to your sweet boy!!!

  3. He is beautiful, you all are. Such a sweet way of writing you have...:)

  4. Aww, how sweet! Happy birthday to your little guy!

  5. Happy Birthday to Court!! Tara,the lovely way you express the love you have for your children brings tears to my eyes, (now we're both crying!) You are such a wonderful mother, and I only hope I can be as great as you, when I have my own kids one day.

  6. awww happy birthday to your baby! I was crying too last week when my baby girl turned 5. They grow up too fast!

  7. you are such a sweet mama
    I love how you cry

    happy birthday to your little big foot

  8. adorable. i do that with books too. yesterday i had some fabulous love/non-love from the boys within a 1 hour window. that much more dramatic from the tween and teen, so it was encouraging to read yours and remind myself it's the sort of thing i would have laughed about when they were younger ;) happy bday court!

  9. What a wonderful post ~ love it and he is adorable!

  10. Happy belated birthday Court and Happy birth-day mama. 5 years! A momentous occasion. You are absolutely glowing in those photos.

  11. Happy birthday to your 5 year old! It goes by so fast. I want to cry when my little ones long legs dangle down when I hold her.
    Books have memories for us too, we are book lovers.
    Have a great day!

  12. Tara... you are truly the sweetest person anywhere. Happy special memories, mama... and special birthday, Court. They get more special each day... ~ilks xoxo


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