how do you like them apples?

I think we went apple picking last weekend...

but it could have been the weekend before that.

No, wait, it was definitely last weekend.

Now I remember.  It was right before birthday party number one on Saturday. And before the start of my marathon headache.

I wore my wellies. And my pretty purple socks.

Kevin came with us. I think it was the first time I managed to drag him out pickin'. The kids and I...well, we're old hats. He must have missed us on his crazy trip.

Yesterday the hubby flew away again...

this time it was to New York City and this time it was just for the day. Unfortunately he missed his flight that morning because I accidentally set the alarm for 5:15 am instead of 3:15 am.  His partner called at 4:15 wondering where he was and woke us up. We were frantic and then he left. I felt sick. He caught the next flight out and all ended up OK. I just didn't feel right though until the wee hours this morning when he finally came home and crawled into our warm bed.  No wonder my dreadful headache won't go away...


The chocolate chip banana bread has been replaced for the time being with this yummy apple cake...

the recipe for which I found on this delightful blog here. I used slightly less sugar and whole wheat flour and the kids were fighting over the last piece tonight.  I plan on filling my cake stand back up tomorrow morning with some more sweet apple cake.

Next to the cake stand is my newest thrifty purchase and it is filled with Auntie Melissa's adored peanut butter cookies. It is now empty too.

Thrifting (the act of shopping at a thrift store, flea market, garage sale...) just ruins you.  It makes it impossible to shop for anything retail ever again. Must stop. It's just like good literature...which has forever prevented me from enjoying a trashy book. Ruined I say I am. Ruined.

It was an apron my friend that I was wearing under my Anthroiwearitwaytoomuch sweater in my last post. I purchased mine from this talented girl last year.  The workmanship and fabric are so beautiful.  I think a thrifting and apron post will be next to come.  I'm loving them both.


  1. We used to have a McIntosh apple tree at my grandpa's place (off a back porch) of his apartment in Macon. Thing had been there for decades.

    I never got the hang of it when it came to picking them. I'd pull one down and three would fall.


    Leigh T.


  2. Every year I need a new WEARITTOOMUCH sweater...I haven't found 'the one' yet for this fall...last season's is still ok, but I am not sure why I was so smitten with it...funny how that goes, no? INEEDTOHAVETHISORIWILLDIE...and IWILLLOVEITFOREVERANDEVER, that just never ends up being true! 'nite!

  3. My Dad used to say "how do you like those apples" to me all the time when I was little! I hated it, because it was never a good thing.
    I will be checking out that recipe, thanks!

  4. Wish we coulda picked with you'ns!

    And I'm ruined, too. On both fronts.

  5. I love apple much with the family.

  6. ha ha. love the thrifting ruins u quote. so true! i told a woman in the store the other day that i now physically feel ill when i pay retail and she definitely looked at me funny. lol. so i was smiling when i read that bit. thanks :)
    great pics. gorgeous kitchen.

  7. That cake looks so delicious! Just found your lovely blog and looking forward to reading more!
    :) Christine

  8. your kitchen is gorgeous as are your babies. so sweet.


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