year later


I don’t have a profile. I mean there is a wee picture of me...and of course you can see I am from Canada…because Canada rocks.

But when it comes to who I am I have some difficulty finding the words.

When I started this blog one year ago today I didn’t know if anyone would read it…it was almost presumptuous of me to describe myself…to myself. Oh and to Kevin my only other blog reader. It may have helped however as sometimes I wonder if he really understands what I’m all about.

To be honest every time I would try and come up with something I would think it sounds just like someone else’s profile…I love vintage, tea in a pot, and my two gorgeous kids…oh and rain, lets not forget about the rain…oh and Kevin too, MUSTN’T forget the hubby…

I wouldn’t have wanted to have another blogger think I was copying her...which after lurking around I understand is not really the most sincerest form of flattery.

So I just put it off.

But I LOVE reading profiles.

It is the first place I go when I discover a new blog…that and house tours.

I want to know a little more about the woman behind the writing…the pictures…the adorable children.

Part of the problem I have describing myself is that my life does not always reflect who I am…

I have a career but I am not driven at work.

I celebrate the domestic arts and yet consider myself a feminist.

I have a Life Science degree but I also took courses in Home Economics…and Art History.

I work in Finance yet I don’t like anything financial...(this might have something to do with the not being driven characteristic).

I like to create and surround myself with the things I love. These loves include my precious children, my hilarious and handsome hubby, handmade and hand-me-down, beautiful designer shoes that my husband has given me, baking in the oven, red maple trees, running in the rain, line dried cotton sheets, rooibos tea in a pot at bedtime, coffee with milk in the morning, newspaper clippings from my dear mom, the farmers market, folky music on my ipod, un-perfect hair, stacks of books from the library, period movies, hard work, afternoon naps, ballet, hugs and kisses....

a bit of me.

But not all of me.

I'm still figuring that out...♥


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